Hello Parents and Students!

I just want to make sure the correct information goes out.  Tomorrow morning the grade 8 students need to be at the school at 8am to be ready to leave at 8:15.  The grade 7 students need to be at the school at 8:30 to be ready to leave at 8:45.  We will be returning to the school by 2:30 or 3.  If your student plans to stay at the water park later than the class will be, they need to have parental permission via note or phone.


Year-End Is Coming!

There are lots of things going on in the next 2 weeks.  Here are a few important dates for middle school students.

June 6-Water slides field trip

June 8-Grade 7 & 8 Awards Night 7pm Highroad Chapel

June 12-Last day of regular classes for grade 7 and 8

June 13-15-Grade 7 & 8 final exams

Homework for this week

Science 7A & B: Your Make-A-Test is due tomorrow.  Also, workbook p. 163-166.

Science 8: Chapter 7 test is on Thursday

Science 9: Calculations worksheet due Wednesday.  We will continue working on the chemistry review this week.

Another Long Weekend!

Enjoy your next few days off! Here’s the homework for the next week:
Science 7 A & B: Your task in preparation for the chapter 8 test is to create a test using the key terms on p. 254 in your textbook. You will need to use all the terms except for the first 5 terms in the second column. You will need to have one of each of the following types of questions:
1. True/False
2. Multiple Choice
3. Fill-in-the-blank
4. Matching Set
5. Short Answer
6. Diagram
You will also need to include an answer key. Your test must not be longer than 25 questions, but you need to cover all those required terms.
Science 7A: Your test will be on May 31
Science 7B: Your test will be on June 1

Science 8: Please complete the rest of the review for chapter 7.  Your chapter 7 test will be next Thursday, May 31.

Science 9: We will continue the review of current electricity on Monday, as well as starting the year review.


It is so glorious outside!  I hope you all can spend time enjoying the beautiful weather.  Here’s an update on things for this week.

Science 7: We are going to TWU on Wednesday.  Most of you have your forms in already.  Be sure you are at school by 7:45am!  This week both classes will be working on Give Me A Clue.  We will also be watching a little bit of Ice Age…stay tuned.

Science 8: We will continue with more Edmodo-based lessons.  If you have a device (iPod, iPhone etc.) please bring it to class.

Science 9: Field trip on Thursday and Friday THIS WEEK!  Be sure to pack light, bring an empty 2L pop bottle, and lunch for Thursday.  Hopefully we are home by 3:30-ish on Friday.  Notes on section 10.2 are due Wednesday.

Questions and Answers

As with all new things, sometimes the road to greatness is bumpy.  This has become apparent with the large number of problems with the glogster website the grade 8 class experienced.  My apologies to those of you who felt like throwing your computer through the window!  We will have a class discussion on Thursday about what we would like to do with this material.

Tomorrow I will be talking to the grade 7 classes about the field trip next week.  We will hopefully answer all your questions!  Please remember to have your crayons for tomorrow’s lab.

Science 9: Your field trip is also coming up next week.  If you believe you won’t be coming, you will need to come see me to get your work package to complete while we are gone.  The Static Electricity lab is due tomorrow.

Homework and Field Trips

Important notice for grade 7 students and parents: Please check the Highroad Academy website www.highroadacademy.com for details about the upcoming grade 7 field trip to TWU.  Permission forms and money need to be turned in by Friday!

Grade 9 Students: Your field trip forms and money also need to be in by Friday!

Science 7A: Bring 3 old crayons to class on Wednesday.

Science 9: Complete the Static Electricity lab write up p. 294 a, b,  g, h & i.  Due Wed.

The Rise of Edmodo

Parents of grade 8 students have likely heard their child talking about the mysterious edmodo.  This is an education platform that allows a teacher to deliver information to students and receive assignments digitally.  This is an invitation-based system and only those students invited to join the class will have access.  This is not a social network.  If parents have concerns or questions about this tool, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will be using edmodo as a trial with the grade 8 class over the last part of the term, and may roll it out to the other classes as well.  Grade 8 Students-Your assignment is posted on edmodo, with the additional information from today’s class.  Please remember the code of conduct while you work!

Science 7B: Bring 3 old crayons to next class.  It would be splendiferous if you could peel them and grate them, but please keep the colours separated until class!

Science 9: Today we talked about a project that would have a more practical base than just writing a test would.  Your assignment for today is to decide on an application of static electricity that you are interested in and ask a relevant question about it.  For example, static electricity builds up in dryers.  Which brand of static cling dryer sheets works the best?  Or maybe you are interested in the use of tasers in police work.  Do some research.  Think of questions.  Write it down.  Bring it to class.  The project itself is NOT due just yet.  Bring your thoughts to next class.

Jeans Day

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Jeans for Kids Day at school.  Students who buy a $5 pin at the office are allowed to wear jeans and casual tops.

Here’s the homework for this week…

Science 7 A&B: Your Earth Model projects are due!  So far they look great!  Remember that the Chemistry unit binder check will be on Wednesday.

Science 9: The constellation project is due on Wednesday as are the notes for section 9.1

Science 8: Quiz on Section 11.2 & 11.3 on Thursday.  Remember to watch the blog video and post a comment and complete the workbook pages.