It is so glorious outside!  I hope you all can spend time enjoying the beautiful weather.  Here’s an update on things for this week.

Science 7: We are going to TWU on Wednesday.  Most of you have your forms in already.  Be sure you are at school by 7:45am!  This week both classes will be working on Give Me A Clue.  We will also be watching a little bit of Ice Age…stay tuned.

Science 8: We will continue with more Edmodo-based lessons.  If you have a device (iPod, iPhone etc.) please bring it to class.

Science 9: Field trip on Thursday and Friday THIS WEEK!  Be sure to pack light, bring an empty 2L pop bottle, and lunch for Thursday.  Hopefully we are home by 3:30-ish on Friday.  Notes on section 10.2 are due Wednesday.

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