Star Watching Maybe?

A note to parents: As part of our unit in Astronomy, I have planned to take as many of the students who are able to come to the Barg property in Ryder Lake to star gaze on Thursday night.  This is not a required activity, no marks will be lost by students who can’t come.  Transportation is up to the student and their family.  Our goal is to have everyone there by 8pm so I can explain what we are doing, and then have our first observation by 8:30 or so, and then another observation about an hour later.  Parents should plan to pick up their kids by 10pm.  If you are able to stay and help supervise, I would really love that!  Please let me know if you can help.

IMPORTANT: I will make another post by Thursday afternoon to confirm whether we are going, or if the clouds have foiled our attempt.  Please check the blog before you start your drive out!

Science 7 A & B: Your Earth Models are due in your first class next week!

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