fakebook, oh fakebook

Science 7: Tomorrow both grade seven classes should be ready to show off all their hard work on fakebook.  For those of you who are wondering exactly what to put on your page, here is some info:

1. The name of your element should be the name of your fakebook page.
2. The day your element was discovered should be its birthday.
3. The uses (current and past) of your element should be its job.
4.  All the elements in the same column (group) in the periodic table should be added as your element’s friends.
5. You should include 2 interesting things about your element.
6.  You should try to add extras. These can be pictures, video clips, or comments from your ‘friends’.

Both classes will also need to hand in their workbook pages 95-102.  7B will need to hand in the typed assignment #5 on p. 154.

Science 9: Chapter 4 test tomorrow.

Parents of grade 9 students-Your child should have mentioned to you that our science field trip is coming up in April.  I want to give parents plenty of notice about the cost of the trip($150) so there are no nasty surprises when we get to the week of the trip.  I am still looking for one more parent to join us…we need Dads!  Please let me know if you are willing to spend a most enjoyable 2 days with some of my very favourite students.  I know you’ll love it!

Science 8: You have a test this week too!  Chapter 6 on Thursday.  Please bring your artsy supplies to class on Thursday also.

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