Spirit Week Rah! Rah!

What a crazy week!  I loved seeing all your costumes this week and I thought you did a fabulous job.  I apologize for the lack of blog updates this week.  Here is the homework for this weekend.

Science 9: Hopefully you have handed in your first basket B project for our Chemistry unit.  Please remember to keep checking your marks on Thinkwave.  All the assignments for chapter 7 are in the science 9 link to the side of this blog.  It would be a good idea to print those off and start working on the first assignment, even though it won’t technically be due until Wednesday.

Science 8: With the exception of the spilled iodine, great lab work today!  You will need to complete the lab write up which will be due on Tuesday.  Remember, we used pancreatin instead of diastase, but they perform the SAME function; they break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars.

Science 7: We are wrapping up our look at how energy, carbon and water cycle through ecosystems.  Great work on your water cycle songs today 7B.  We will see how well 7A does on Monday!  Enjoy your weekend without homework!

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